Integrity Premium Advertising, Inc. is central Kentucky's

premiere promotional & engagement consulting & provider firm.

Why? Our clients, which include non-profit associations, churches, educational institutions, environmental re-mediators, health care providers, manufacturers, horse farms, transportation firms, & others have come to trust in our PROFESSIONALISM & EXPERIENCE. Our clients have strong testimonies about using our proven, effective branding tools and strategies!


Integrity Premium Advertising is driven by creative people who are positioned to help our clients to exceed their marketing and communication goals. We help our clients to develop & implement strategic solutions that are intelligent & comprehensive, achieving such diverse objectives as:

  • small business mobile solutions (apps creation; publishing: Google Play, Apple App store, PWA; apps fine tuning & updates)
  • commemorating special events
  • promoting new facilities
  • introducing new products
  • encouraging attendance or involvement
  • motivating sales people
  • opening new accounts
  • stimulating sales meetings
  • developing trade show traffic
  • activating accounts
  • acquisition of new clients & of customer referrals
  • building an brand or image
  • motivation of consumers through premiums
  • improving customer relations
  • incentivizing and recognizing major donors & others to exceed fund raising goals
  • increasing safety, environmental or health awareness, engagement & practice
  • enhancing productivity or sales through incentives & recognition
  • employee appreciation & retention
  • and educating customers, students, staff or others.

To help our clients reach their specific demographic markets with rifle like accuracy, we implement various multi-media methods.   Please call today at (859) 858-8485 for a free initial consultation!